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The Acto 6 Hand Metal Shaper Plans.
This is an extremely rugged little shaper, well capable of
performing all the myriad of tasks the milling machine is not
suited for. So, whether your needs are only to slot bores for             Shaper on stand (A)
keyways, perhaps generate gears or maybe just general
machining, this is the machine for you. This shaper cuts any
angle, dovetails or V shapes all with a single tool, machines
gears & racks, cuts internal & external keyways, has
considerably deeper machining ability than the longest
extension end or slot mill.
Single point machining is certainly the cheapest & easiest
machining & most tools with the exception of special form
tools simply sharpened by hand.
A 60mm hole passes through the machine enabling long
sections to be machined at any point or long keyways to be
Four cross slide feeds both forward & reverse are available.
Vice (A)The Acto 6” hand shaper is a steel fabricated machine but all
the V ways travel in cast iron machined from readily available
“off the shelf” cast iron section.
This may be bench mounted or you may choose to make the
stand we have specially designed for it.
A low profile pivoting vice is also included in the plans.
As with all our other plans available
from, these are full working drawings
with every part drawn separately & redrawn again as an
assembly for ultimate understanding.

Gear generating Bench view (C)