About Machinery Plans

Plans for professional quality workshop equipment for the engineer, enthusiast, or hobbyist.

This site has been established to provide a source for quality workshop equipment plans/workshop machinery plans at a modest price, that you can build yourself.

For many years our company designed and produced a variety of workshop equipment including sheet metal working machinery, precision machines, blacksmiths forges and many specialised machines, both powered and hand-operated for the small to medium sized workshop.

I am currently revising the plans, changing the dimensions to the more universally accepted metric system and redesigning many of the more difficult parts or assemblies (which in some cases required special machinery or extensive jigging to produce), to a more basic design suitable for a “one off”.  Also I have changed some of the original designs to suit the type of equipment most likely to be found in the workshop of a small business or hobbyist.

As original plans were all hand drawn, I am now redrawing in CAD which is taking many hours out of my work day, so the growth of this site with new plans will be a little slow.

The machinery for which the plans are provided, have all a proven track record of sales and modifications made to some designs as a result of feedback from customers.

All workshop machinery plans have been kept as simple as possible and in all plans purchased you will find many machining hints, assembly and operating instructions.

Special note: all plans on this site are originals.  These plans have never been produced in written or electronic form prior to this site.  They are not pirated from other sites or reprints from other publications.

Plans are sold strictly on the basis of a “one off” for companies or individuals own workshop use and are not for commercial production. 

Workshop Machinery Plans Workshop Machinery Plans Workshop Machinery Plans