Rotary Shears Plans


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These Rotary Shears Machinery Plans of this versatile cutting machine is probably the best investment of your time you will ever make if you need to cut sheet metal up to 1mm in thickness. Straight cuts are made up to (1250mm) which more than covers a four foot sheet (1219mm), with the major advantage the cut may be stopped at any time, the sheet turned and the section cut out. Any angle of course may be cut, so intricate pieces may be produced as long as the cuts are straight and start on the outside of sheet to the point required. No more do you have a stack of off cuts behind the guillotine cluttering up your workshop. You cut out of the sheet exactly what you need. Even if you own a guillotine, the advantages of this machine must be obvious.

The other plus is, this machine is relatively light (approximately 160 kilograms) and may be moved around the workshop if and when required. Some of our past customers have used this machine as an “on site” machine taking it to larger building projects, (Particularly those involved in air conditioning / heating ducting installations). The possibilities are endless.

These shears will cut up to 1mm thickness in soft mild steel with ease. (No electricity, no electronics, no hi tec!)

.Guillotines certainly have had, and will always have, a major part to play in the cutting of sheet metal ; but, of the two, I suspect the linear rotary shears is the more versatile.

As with all our plans, these are full working drawings, with 54 pages of plan drawings, 18 pages of detailed instructions covering all stages of building this machine, plus machining hints, assembly and use of the linear rotary shears. Also included with the plans are approximately 44 photos covering many individual components, assemblies and various views of the machine.