Mini Shaper Plans




This is a powerful little shaper well capable of machining a variety of the smaller machining tasks in any workshop. It will machine steel, cast iron, bronze etc plus of course any of the softer metals such as aluminium and can also machine many of the harder tool steels with a tungsten carbide tool.

There are a variety of feeds available from a very course to a fine finish.

It has a stroke of 60 mm and a table travel also of 60 mm. The table may be adjusted down to 35 mm from the table top to the bottom of the ram (however this little shaper can also machine pieces as high as 55 mm up to 30 mm long).

Comprehensive plans and instructions are of course included (as with all our other plans) and there are around 55 photos of almost all of the various components included.

The V ways travel on cast iron machined from readily available cast iron round.

The shaper is powered by a small worm drive 12 volt electric motor.

As with all our other plans these are full working drawings with every part drawn separately and many redrawn again as an assembly for ultimate understanding.