Forge & Centrifugal Blower Plans


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Blacksmiths shop forge plans including centrifugal blower.

These are the full working plans for the Forge & Centrifugal Blower, for the building of a shop style forge. All sizes and measurements are listed, with plenty of easy to follow drawings, photos and comprehensive instructions, which make the building of the forge well within the scope of the average blacksmith.

This blacksmiths forge is an ideal forge for most blacksmithing operations. The design has had many modifications over the years and has proved extremely popular, not too big to take up much floor space, but big enough for the average smith. However, with the base plans it is easy to change the forge dimensions for the width or length etc to a size which you may prefer.

The sides adjacent to the fire pot have removable sections which allow long pieces of steel to pass correctly through the heart of the fire.

The hearth is laid with fire bricks and also has a row of bricks along the back. The insulation properties of the fire bricks helps keep the conductive heat away from the underside and forge frame and is in most respects superior to cast iron or steel.

The forge hood has steep sides and a large (300mm) opening at the top for the chimney to keep the smoke outside your workshop not inside!

Plans are included for a 10mm thick steel fire pot which most of our customers have ordered in the past, but the design is flexible enough to install a shop purchased cast iron fire pot if that is your choice.

Included also with the plans is complete construction data for the building of your own centrifugal blower. This is a centrifugal blower we designed over 10 years ago specifically for our forges and is a low pressure high volume blower. You can of course use a centrifugal blower purchased from a blacksmith supply company to attach to the fire pot.

These blacksmiths shop forge plans show several unique features, including an adjustable height hood, a totally different air control (levered to the front of forge for easy access) and a yoke and wedge system to lock the blower nozzle to the fire pot which makes taking the pot out a breeze (no more struggling to undo heat seized bolts).

As with all our designs from “MACHINERY PLANS”, the blacksmiths forge and centrifugal blower plans are complete working drawings, which include 22 pages of detailed plans, 13 pages of comprehensive instructions covering all construction details and plenty of photos showing various views of the forge, centrifugal blower, fire pot and many components.

This design has been tried and proven over a number of years and the many blacksmiths who have purchased the forge plans have all been enthusiastic about the design