Multi Function Lathe Plans


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These are the workshop machinery plans for an interesting little Multi Function Lathe, originally built as a copy & taper turning lathe. It is also very useful as a general purpose centre lathe, with a variable speed feed (not geared to the spindle) similar to most milling machines.

The multi function lathe, as a small centre lathe, performs most functions (except screw cutting) required & would make a welcome addition to any workshop as a second, (third, fourth, fifth) lathe.

When drilling, the lever quill is really excellent for tiny drills allowing ultimate control, however it also may be hand wound or power fed simply be inserting a pin.

As a copy lathe you can have the ability to produce precision or decorative multiple parts quickly & accurately.

The taper turning setup we designed is unique, giving “micrometer” accuracy for both in / ft & degrees.

Lathe specifications
Distance between centres 400mm
Swing over bed 260mm
Swing over cross slide 140mm
Spindle bore 25.4mm
Headstock taper 4 MT
Tailstock taper 3 MT
Carriage lead screw pitch 3mm or 1/8”
Motor power .55 kW (3/4 HP)
4 Spindle speeds 365 RPM / 548 RPM
626 RPM / 940 RPM
Feed Variable