Acto 250 Surface Grinder Plans


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These are the workshop machinery plans of the Acto 250 Surface Grinder.

This one is a very useful machine much needed in any workshop. It has a 250 mm X 150 mm capacity which should cover the bulk of the work in a small workshop.

The downslide & the cross slide travel on cast iron dovetails machined from readily available cast iron sections. The carriage holding the magnetic chuck travels on bearings.
This is an extremely rigid machine (as it must be) & produces an excellent ground surface on all ferrous materials.

As with our other plans from machineryplans, these plans of the ACTO 250 SURFACE GRINDER are full working drawings easily understood with every part drawn separately & in most cases redrawn again as an assembly for ultimate understanding. There are over 80 individual plans with 30 pages of comprehensive instructions covering all aspects of the machining & construction along with plenty of photos.